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It absolutely was only inside the 1970 when game game titles started as being a tool for entertainment and fun. Since, the of video and game titles has not looked back. The entertainment industry saw game game titles rise in a galloping speed over the following handful of decades. Within the arena of technology and innovation, game titles have carried out a crucial role.

They are constantly developing new techniques, techniques to ensure that the games become progressively appealing and exciting. Strangely enough game game titles might be carried out around the hands device, mobile phones, devoted consoles to gaming, and personal computers among a number of other options. The interactiveness from the overall game game titles is really a which reinforces very good and growth of the marketplace.

You’ll find different styles of companies making game titles. Usually a lot of the company’s enjoy focusing in the certain number of games. Thus each one of these companies usually addresses the needs of the particular and specified age group. The plethora of game game titles which are present on date is really fascinating plus an accomplishment. It surely warrants mention once we talk from the thriving industry. Games include adventure games, action games, educational and understanding games, simulations or role winning contests, practice games, math games, logical games, and strategy and management games among other kinds.

However, we have an enormous investment of multimillion dollars that’s needed for that creating and progression of these game game titles. However, still industry is really a which has exponential growth which is still thriving.

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Various experts and specialists have completed research in this particular domain. They’ve began to in conclusion these games are very important because they are beneficial inside the following ways:

· Increase the player’s skill and imagination level

· Moreover one becomes faster as well as the speed of reaction is unthinkable

· They train children and adolescents some rudimentary capabilities inside an enjoyable fashion

· A child or possibly adult acquires a very complex skill using game titles

· With the assistance of computer simulations educational institutions support vocational and multi disciplinary learning

· Interestingly research has proven that game titles are actually an exemplary tool to solve problems like restricting spaces, levels and fear.

· Moreover, language and learning disabilities will also be cured by utilizing game titles.

Essentially the particular factor is the players should not get totally hooked on the overall game game titles. Because situation the benefits works for the optimal level. In addition, the innocent children should not be misled to functions of aggression and violence as the majority of the overall game game titles illustrate. Parents need to pay tremendous attention the gaming should not affect their children’s behavior and thinking in any adverse manner.

By having an overall basis game titles needs to be participated in the consistent and measured manner. It surely leads to the constant maintenance from the player’s intelligence so go buy game titles for that child today!

Overall, not able to the is phenomenal due to the specific benefits and advantages which lies of these games!

Various launched articles and research has examined a couple of from the undesirable results of game game titles. Despite the fact that the writer’s issue is mainly with the fact our youngsters are very showing evidence of trading a lot of their time on gaming, both on game game titles consoles as well as the computer, it may be wrong to disregard the fact, used properly, game game titles would bring certain advantages to their clients. However, there unquestionably really are a couple of recognised dangerous outcomes of excessive gaming, including violent and aggressive behavior, poor socialisation, educational difficulties and certain adverse physical effects, we have to remember one important fact. Gambling is becoming such a fundamental piece of the lives of lots of children, youthful people in addition to grownups, that you ought to take a goal balance of the benefits and drawbacks. The perceived benefits of playing game game titles remains looked into and recorded in lots of projects that have been completed through the path from the final few years. A couple of from the general findings inside the reviews from people research is situated out below.


1. Hands/Eye Co-ordination and Manual Skill

Games machine play remains proven to assist in the development of hands/eye co-ordination and fine manual capabilities in kids, too just like the development from the visual accuity.

2. Enhancement of Learning Ability

A couple of from the specific educationally based games, can improve ale the little one player, particularly regarding the development of their capabilities in language and math.

3. Creativity

Children who spend a while using games machines can grow their creative sides and uncover they’ve an enhanced understanding of and fascination with technology.

4. Self-Confidence/Cognitive Abilities

Using game game titles can enhance ale children to attain options by themselves, that could then enable them to in the development of their confidence. Cognitive ability can also be similarly enhanced.

5. While using mind off disadvantages

Using games can, for temporary periods, draw attention away children from feelings of discomfort, triggered by injuries or illness, or off their worries that they are likely to have.

6. Recuperation from illness or injuries

You’ll find some game game titles will assist children through the duration of recuperation to be able to constitute one element of a physiotherapeutic programme for children who’ve experienced an injuries.

7. Socialising

Some children, who experience amazing capability to initiate new associations utilizing their peers, may be aided by playing certain game game titles, that offer them a perception of this really is of engaging with another person, in partnership, to the benefit of both, and the requirement for your team.

8. Achieving Goals

Game game titles that provide a motivation, within the context of the sport itself, for just about any player which has accomplished a specific amount of competence, can engender a elevated feeling of self-worth plus an enhanced sense of self esteem.

The fundamental factors that are associated with making sure the potentially beneficial outcomes of game game titles don’t become overcome through the unwanted effects is when lengthy that kids purchase the consoles as well as the particular type of games that they are allowed to see. Response to both of these matters might be the control of parents over both. Just like many parts of existence where over indulgence can result in dangerous effects, the vital factor is moderation. Kids are, by the very fact from the age and relative inadequate control, which will only include maturity, unable to achieve moderation without any intervention and continuing participation from the parents. It may be the oldsters being the very best games remote controls and make sure their kids can savor the advantages of game game titles and stay away from the disadvantages.

They’re some really amazing game game titles that are available on the market today that gamers will definitely enjoy are for sale to the majority of the best gambling systems. Gaming designers are approaching having a couple of really fantastic game game titles that gamers may want to have a look at.

Barrel Blast was created for your Wii gambling system and sadly it’s its pros and cons. This gaming is actually terrifying with what you are prone to do to make your cute flying character race, meaning the Wii controller ought to be shook up minimizing very strongly. This is not videos game that gamers may decide to play for just about any extended period of time, since it could actually get physically painful before lengthy. It game has three tracks and limited game modes, but it may be well suited for the little one with a lot of energy since they would likely grow tired before lengthy.

Cooking Mama Prepare Off is an additional gaming created for that Wii gambling system. Farmville offers gamers real existence cooking tips and is fantastic for gamers of all ages. Gamers will definitely appear like they are Rachel Ray or Gordon Ramsey when they are really peeling taters and dicing up let us eat some let’s eat some onions, though the tears. is also a game like Snake but it’s way better and you can play with your friends online. Read cheats on sc0ttgames website.

The most effective component that might be mentioned in regards to the button mashing action gaming Heavenly Sword could it be has well socialized making cut screens that gradually slowly move the carefully crafted narrative along. The figures in individuals small movies are actually realistic because gamers will almost believe they their particular souls. The in-game action is type of repetitive in addition to a little frustrating. The main character, Nariko, can swing her mighty sword only in many ways in the endless method of getting generic competitors.


Lair must function as worst gaming of 2007 the actual way it is actually unplayable. Although there has been lots of designers that labored very difficult round the narrative as well as the technology it had been all completely not-tied by some really poorly carried out controls. Steering the big dragon is type of like trying to herd twelve felines in to a box and keeping them stay due to the impossible to handle controls.

Mass Effect is not the kind of gaming you select up and play just for a short period, look at another factor. It is a lot a lot more like a very extended sci-fi mystery novel where there’s action within the turn of every single page. This gaming might be complicated and intense, but it is well suited for the participant which provides extensive time for you to purchase fixing the various mysteries in the confusingly named species inside the galaxies for future years.

Very couple of role playing game game titles convey more immersed to ensure that as strict as Mass Effect, that’s due to it being filled full of options for your gamer and plots. Gamers can make their particular kind of Commander Shepard and live their existence since the leader from the squad of interspecies soldiers that are in order to save humanity. If you are a gamer that likes this type of gaming, then you will certainly possess a hard time obtaining a better experience than this gaming.

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Who Needs Buttons? – Kinect First Impressions

Today is November 5th and that would mean that Kinect came out yesterday. I was fortunate enough to try Kinect out for several hours yesterday while visiting some friends and my first impression of the Kinect were better than I had expected. The motion sensor works very well, and despite it not having buttons it still managed to give me full control over the my in game persona.


Kinect functionality doesn’t look too good on paper; it doesn’t have buttons so how can I control my in game character? I was one of those skeptics that got beyond mad when I saw this at the E3 press conference and was thinking this would fail ever since then. I got in front of Kinect, and something happened though. The device worked, and with the exception of Kinect Adventures it worked surprisingly well. It tracked my body movements almost perfectly; the only issue was when I moved outside of the games boundary it sometimes had issues. Those issues though seem to have already been addressed in most games. One workout game I played didn’t penalize for going outside the workout space the developer made it friendly so my own error would not make me lose the mini game I was playing.


Microsoft also has seemed to address the issues that many had with using voice commands. Now instead of saying “pause” or “dashboard” you have to hold your arm in a certain way for a few seconds and it will pause the game or take you to the dashboard. Navigating menus will take some getting used to and I think Microsoft could tweak the settings for Kinect here. I was expecting to move my hand where the menu was on the TV, but I had to adjust myself to the sensor, and move my hand down a little bit. There is a chance the Kinect wasn’t calibrated 100% but I get the feeling it’s just a slight error on Microsoft’s end, and it’s certainly a very slight error.

Walking in front of Kinect is all you need to do to sign in, it really is that easy. All I did was recover my gamertag onto my friends Xbox and then proceeded to do the facial recognition, once that was done it was recognizing me the entire night. All I needed to do was stand in front of the sensor for a few seconds, it would then go through the process or seeing if it could recognize me and then once it did I was signed in ready to play. If you don’t have a profile on the Xbox you just get signed in as a guest. I see this being very useful when kids want their parents to play games with them, since the parents have very little effort on their part to start playing the game. Here is one video that I took last night while playing Dance Central for the Kinect.

Is Kinect The Future?

So does such a device have a place in gaming, and will it be the future of gaming? The easy answer is yes and no. The elaborated answer is that Kinect does a great job at what it does and I think it has a place in gaming. It will not replace the controller though. Games that require a lot of in game movement require controllers to play. That doesn’t mean that Kinect isn’t going to be here for the foreseeable future though.


What Kinect was made to do, it excels at doing, and while it may not be as “hardcore” gamer accessible as the PlayStation Move I don’t think it was really aimed at that anyway. Microsoft could create a peripheral with a joystick and a few buttons on it and then you’d be able to play pretty much any game on the Kinect using the motion controls. I definitely think this is something Microsoft is probably looking into because if they had that device any game would be Kinect ready.

With just what we have right now though as Xbox 360 owners, that being our controllers, Kinect still has a lot of potential. Imagine playing a first person shooter game, using your controller to do most of the action but you could move your body freely to avoid gun shots, or crouch. Since Kinect essentially captures your skeleton it can capture more movements better than any other motion device on the market.

Enough of my speculation though, what can Kinect do right out of the box in terms of gaming? It does Fighting games since they usually aren’t expansive and the area you need to move in is the same area you have to move around in with Kinect. Fitness games are going to be a dime a dozen with Kinect, but this device could finally get people in shape, not just because of those games but every game on Kinect gets you so involved that you will likely break a sweat. Casual games will obviously excel with Kinect as it is targeted more towards that audience. Sports games that don’t require much movement such as bowling, tennis, volleyball, golf, and baseball would easily be adapted to the Kinect. The only games Kinect couldn’t do without using a controller would be first person shooters or games that require you to do a lot of walking, but again adding a peripheral or just using the Xbox controller would fix that.

I went into last night think Kinect would be cool, like the Wii was cool a few years ago. However after getting the chance to play it I’m sold that this device has a future in gaming. Kinect isn’t the end of hardcore gaming; it’s the start of true family friendly gaming. The games I played last night were Kinect Adventures, Dance Central Who Needs Buttons? – Kinect First Impressions, and Your Shape Fitness Evolved Who Needs Buttons? – Kinect First Impressions. As I didn’t pre-order this since I thought it’d be a flop, I likely won’t get a Kinect of my own for a few weeks.

I also decided to start message boards just for Kinect, it’s and it’s looking for some new members. If a more established message board if what you want, then head over to theVideoGameBlogger message boards.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Review

One question has come to mind during every session I have played in Call of Duty: Black Ops, how on earth could a franchise go from amazing to terrible in one year? I likely will not do a single player review for this game as I likely won’t be returning to Call of Duty: Black Ops anytime soon, which is why I will just review the games multiplayer.



The weapons in this game are for the most part worthless. I use assault rifles most of the time and given the M16 was the first weapon that was unlocked I don’t have much to work for. After unlocking the FAMAS and FAL only to find out both weapons have been nerfed I am finished buying any new weapons and just sticking with my M16. I’ve been killed numerous times at close range while I was shooting the enemy with my dual wielded HS10s but somehow didn’t kill the other player. The sniper rifles are next to useless too as you need to hold your breath; the amount your rifle moves now makes it impossible to hit anything. The light machine guns seem to be the best bet as you can literally kill someone with 4-5 rounds. The knife in this game is so unpredictable it’s a gamble when you use it, even at close range.


There isn’t a single map in this game that I like. While Treyarch included a ton of maps, they all just seem to suck. If there is a good spot to snipe, then there are likely 4 ways to get to that spot, making it impossible to close off and get a few kills. If you liked shotguns in the previous games, well you may not in this one as most maps have few spots for you sit tight and rack up kills. Luckily the buildings walls are made out of paper, so as long as you have hardened on you can shoot at a wall and no matter where the enemy is at it will kill them. The bullets don’t lose any power going through the wall so hiding in a building is worthless in this game.


While the PC got dedicated servers I think the Xbox 360 version got a single 10 year old server on a dial up connection. No matter how good the game says my connection is, I found myself getting killed because my shots just weren’t registered. This is likely while I get killed so often at close range when I’m using my dual wielded shotguns, because my shotgun rounds just don’t register and in their kill cam I look like a moron that was just standing there.

I’m not sure why Treyarch is still a company, they have ridden off of Infinity Wards success since Modern Warfare and it’s a shame. Treyarch has released a game that is riddled with balance and connection issues that make the game feel like a bad job instead of a fun game. If you own Modern Warfare 2, then do yourself a favor and keep playing that game until Modern Warfare 3 is released, you’ll save yourself money and a headache. As Treyarch put little effort into Black Ops I figured I’d put little effort into this review as well. The game gets a 4 out of 10 in my book, and I’m rounding up.

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Turtle Beach DX11 Review

One of the most overlooked aspects in any gamers set up is their sound system. While there are plenty of gamers who probably have surround sound set up, it likely was the last thing they purchased. Often times surround sound can be very costly and they tend to be rather loud so if you live close to grouchy neighbors you will likely get plenty of complaints. I’m happy to say that the solution is here, and it’s made by Turtle Beach, its model is the DX11.


Initially when these were released I was a bit skeptical about them, first of all 7.1 surround in headphones sounds impossible, and the $130 price tag made me a little wary given I couldn’t try them out before I bought them. During the midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops at Best Buy I had the opportunity to try both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops out in 3D, while wearing a pair of Turtle Beach headphones, the sound was incredible. So much so I decided to purchase the DX11’s that night and since then my games haven’t been the same.

What You Get

First let’s break down what you get for $130. You get the Turtle Beach DSS Turtle Beach DX11 Review sound processor which will transform any stereo headset into full 5.1/7.1 surround sound. You also get the Ear Force X11 Turtle Beach DX11 Review headset which was designed for the Xbox 360, and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Then you get a bunch of different cables, including an optical cable to plug into the back of your Xbox 360. Since this is wired they included a 16 foot cable for your headset, so you shouldn’t have to sit closer to the TV because of these.

Sound Quality

While I will say that you don’t get a true surround sound experience from the DX11s they still do an excellent job. While playing games I could tell when someone was walking behind me, and if someone was talking and I wasn’t looking at them I could pinpoint exactly where they were because of the headsets. Again though, you will likely have a much better experience by hooking up a 7.1/5.1 surround sound system, but being able to get this sound quality without disturbing anyone is hard to beat.

Build Quality

The headset is very sturdy and it doesn’t seem like they would be easy to break. You also get a very flexible goose neck microphone that lets you place the mic where ever you want. You get two sets of controls, one on the DSS box, and another on the headset. The DSS box allows you to adjust the volume, as well as the bass boost while the headset will let you adjust the volume of both the game and player chat. The foam ear pieces are very comfortable to wear and also do a good job at isolating the sound, so those around you shouldn’t hear anything unless you have the sound cranked up to 11. The top of the headset has thick foam padding which makes wearing these headsets for hours on end a comfortable experience.

Chat Quality

The Turtle Beach DX11s do a great job at separating player chat from the actual game. I could talk with my friend just fine while still being able to hear the game that I was playing. What’s better is the DX11s will let you hear yourself in your own headset, while this may sound odd at first it makes perfect sense. With the normal Xbox 360 headset you can hear yourself talking, with the Turtle Beach DX11s you most likely will not be able to hear yourself talk unless you are yelling. Since you can hear yourself talking through the headset though, this eliminates you from raising your voice just to hear yourself.


I played Call of Duty: Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space, and Fallout New Vegas while testing out the Turtle Beach DX11s. All of the games sounded much better when using the DX11s versus using my TVs speakers. While this headset may not have quite as many features as the PX21 Turtle Beach DX11 Review (higher quality from Turtle Beach), it is also $20 cheaper, and to me still gives the same sound quality with just a few features taken away. If you own an Xbox 360 and are looking for better sound quality then look no further, the Turtle Beach DX11s are one kick ass product. If I was going to give these a score I’d give them an 8.5 out of 10.

You can purchase these from Best Buy, or save a little money by purchasing theDSS 7.1 Turtle Beach DX11 Review and X11 Turtle Beach DX11 Review separately from Amazon.

+ Comfort
+ Chat Quality
+ LONG Cables
+ Sound Quality
+ Value

– Not quite a 7.1/5.1 Experience

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Halo: Reach Review

It is hard to believe that Halo has been around for almost a decade now with 5 of 6 Halo games being developed by Bungie. Those of you unaware of the break up between Microsoft and Bungie should know that Halo: Reach is the last Halo game that Bungie will make. With the two companies parting ways earlier this year, and Bungie signing a deal with Activision it’s hard to even start to think about what Bungie will make next. Of course this is the review for Halo: Reach and as such I think it would best if I got things started. Anyone that followed the weekly updates by Bungie will find out that everything in Halo: Reach has been revealed so don’t expect any major surprises in the game.

While I don’t want to give away any details about the games campaign it was easily the best campaign experience I have had while playing a Halo game. The game’s story is deep and I found myself immersed within the Halo universe for the ten hours it took me to beat the game on normal. The only complaint I had about the games campaign was the ending, and while I won’t give anything away just make sure you keep your Xbox 360 on after the credits start to roll otherwise you will be left wanting much more from the story. While the campaign was short that is something I’ve come to expect from the Halo series. However with the addition of daily challenges as well as commendations I find myself coming back to the campaign more often than any other Halo game.

Of course Halo is known for its polished multiplayer experience and Halo: Reach isn’t any different. There are a plethora of different multiplayer modes in the game whether you want to play competitive, just for fun, or kill covenant with friends there is something for you. Players that want to be ranked by skill will find that Arena is a great place for them, it works by playing at least 3 games for the day and then being ranked according to your performance. At the end of each season the Arena players receive a rank that they can then show off to their friends. Some might find Arena lacking with only two game types, 4 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 2, I found that most multiplayer games will be played in the other two matchmaking hoppers making the lack of game types in Arena bearable. I spent the majority of my time online in the competitive hopper that offered team slayer, team skirmish, multi-team, invasion, and many more game types. This hopper is like the social hopper in Halo 3 where players can bring guests in to play games, however it feels more like the ranked hopper in Halo 3. The last area of Halo: Reach matchmaking is firefight. Those that are unsure what firefight is, it lets players play cooperatively to fight against the covenant. There are two options for matchmaking either play alone or play with four other players. I would like to see an option for two player firefight in the future along with an option to decide what difficulty to play on. Currently the only difficulty offered in firefight matchmaking is Heroic which left me wanting more. Of course any issues I had with the games multiplayer are easily fixed by updates and the amount of new content Bungie will likely add will keep me entertained for a long time to come.


The biggest addition to Halo: Reach however is not the multiplayer. Bungie revamped their forge system that was introduced in Halo 3 and it’s by far the best level creation tool ever created for a console game. Bungie even created a map to go along with the overhauled forge known as Forge World. This is a massive map and as long as a player can think of it they can create it within Forge World. Bungie was even nice enough to package a few maps built in house using the new forge tools, some of which are easy to recognize. My only gripe with the new forge is that Bungie didn’t offer enough object variations; I would like to build a city level like Terminal however there just aren’t any objects that would allow me to do this within Forge World. Hopefully Bungie will release a future map pack that might have more objects to be used but with all the new features added I could probably get by with the objects already there.


So far I’ve gone over all of the game types in Halo: Reach with the exception of custom games which I didn’t even touch yet. One thing players will notice when they start playing Halo: Reach is everything they do will earn them credits. These credits are used to rank up as well as buy new pieces of armor. Now when I say everything I mean everything, while custom games and forge world won’t give many credits players can earn thousands of credits while in Campaign or Matchmaking. I’m really impressed by the amount of armor my Spartan can wear though, it’s not like Halo 3 where I unlock this armor and now I wear it. I have to earn the credits along with being ranked high enough to purchase the armor. There are so man combinations that it will be hard to find the same exact Spartan in the same game.

Halo: Reach is easily the best Halo game I have played; the game is polished to a high gloss finish and makes every other online first person shooter look like garbage. If Bungie is able to tweak a few minor things as well as add more ranks and armor as the game is out longer I’m sure I’ll still be playing this game for years to come.

Final Score: 9.6

Presentation – Is the game free of bugs? 9.5 There are some parts in campaign where the frame rate shutters.
Gameplay – Is this game fun, does it have replay value? 10 I have been glued to my chair for the past week while playing the game.
Value – Is the game worth its retail price? 10 This game has so many features it was easily worth the $60 price tag.
Innovation – Did this game change the industry? 9.0 While the game isn’t drastically different from other Halo games it definitely has a lot of great additions that every first person shooter should have.
Multiplayer – How is the game’s multiplayer? 9.5 With a few minor improvements the multiplayer will be perfect. I’m sure these improvements will be made in the coming months.
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Red Dead Redemption Review

So I broke down and picked up Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption last week, and needless to say, I’m astounded. What I thought would most likely be a Grand Theft Auto mimic set in the Old West was actually an outstanding game. From the story to the landscape to the multiplayer, everything is near-flawless. Let’s start with the single player, no spoilers involved.

The game starts with protagonist John Marston accompanying an old-timer to find a man called Bill Williamson. After being left alone, Marston confronts Williamson and is thus shot in the torso. A scene follows where a man and woman carry a near-death Marston to the safety of a nearby ranch. At this point, you start playing the actual game. The first few missions teach you the basic ropes, such as shooting, mounting horses, etc. It also explains a very nifty feature called Dead Eye. This is where time slows (almost to a halt) in order for you to be able to pick off fast moving and/or multiple targets. The time is limited, though, as shown by a red bar next to your mini-map. After a few of the first missions, you start getting into the real action of the game, such as taking down groups of bandits and gangs, and rescuing hostages. The story constantly deepens throughout the whole game. After a while, you start learning of Marston’s past, why he is there, and what he needs to do before he returns home. I quickly found myself getting more and more attached to the main character as the story progressed. Towards the end, however, things slowed down a great deal, and I found myself back to herding cows and taming mustangs. This wasn’t a bad thing in my opinion, however. It was like a calm before the storm, in a manner of speaking.


Aside from the incredible story, there is an almost limitless number of things to do. There are dozens of side quests to complete, several weapons to unlock and purchase, and gang hideouts to flush out. You can also partake in a few mini-games, such as blackjack, horseshoes, and five-finger fillet, in order to win a decent sum of cash.

The multiplayer is not entirely a different story. There’s a few game modes I have yet to test out, such as Free-For-All or Team Deathmatch, but Free Roam is where my loyalty lies. Free roam is amazing in almost every way. The entire map is open to you, and there can be up to 16 (I believe) players in a single Free Roam session. You control a character who can reach up to level 50, determining what kind of horse and equipment you can use along the way. Fast travelling is as easy as setting a waypoint and finding a waystation, making the world easy to explore. You can also create or join a posse, with which you can hunt down other posses or complete the various gang hideouts scattered throughout the land. The only negative I have to say about Free Roam is that your weapons are not saved when you exit the session, meaning you have to work your way to get that Carcano Rifle or High Power Pistol each time you get on. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you’re like me, because I enjoy revisiting the hideouts and killing every single crook and murderer in there.

All in all, I’m happy to say that this is the best game I have played in a long time. If I could give Rockstar a pat on the back, I would. This game stands out with a solid 9.8/10 rating in my books.

Purchase Red Dead Redemption From Red Dead Redemption Review

Score Break Down


The game did suffer from a few minor bugs, such as horses running off when they were hitched, and your horse always running past you when you whistle for it.


They look very nice, it is perhaps one of the best looking games I’ve ever seen. From the character detail to the vast landscape, everything was beautifully done.


The game sound was excellent, from the horses hoove’s hitting the ground to the gun shots fired during a shootout. The character voicing was also great, from the sweet conversations to the yells across the battlefield.


This game had excellent, easily understood controls along with a long list of things to do in the game.


Lasting Appeal
Aside from all of the side quests you can do after the game is over, you also get a great multiplayer experience as well as the free DLC, plus more that will hopefully be coming out soon. Replaying the game is a definite suggestion, so that you can pick up on the subtle hints you wouldn’t catch the first time.

Total: 9.8 out of 10

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